Application and Licensing - Marijuana Enforcement

Statement of Understanding

When the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) accepts an application for a MED Business License, each applicant owner must read, initial and sign a "MED Statement of Understanding."  This document is included in license applications forms and serves as an agreement between the individual and MED that, upon receipt of a MED Marijuana Business License, the individual will comply with all applicable Colorado statute and regulations themselves and in regard to the each marijuana facility for which they are licensed.  MED Statement of Understanding.
Sales and Wholesale Tax Licenses are no longer required in application submission packets. 
Medical Marijuana Business License Applicants: 
Retail Marijuana Business Establishment License Applicants: 
MED Fee Schedule, May 2017
Payment Options: Only the Denver Office can accept cash payment, which must be made in exact change (Retail Marijuana Local Authority fees may only be paid with a money order or check)
Other MED offices can only accept money orders or checks (no third party checks accepted) 
No MED Office can accept Credit Cards