MED - Rulemaking

Following the lead of the Governor’s Amendment 64 Task Force, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) has adopted a highly collaborative process to develop industry regulations. The Division initially assembles work groups made up of stakeholders and subject matter experts to deliberate and provide direction and guidance for the proposed language with which to begin its formal rulemaking process.  
Once the proposed language has been developed, the State Licensing Authority (SLA) issues a Notice of Formal Rulemaking and the Division begins the official rulemaking process as dictated by the Colorado Administrative Procedures Act (C.R.S. 24-4-101 et. seq.)  In this process, the proposed rules are published and members of the public are encouraged to provide comment and concerns regarding the proposed rule language.  Public Comment can be made in writing, in testimony during a public hearing or both. Upon completion of the public comment period a Hearings Officer (who also conducts the public hearing sessions) reviews the public comments and makes a recommendation to the SLA (the Executive Director of the Department of Revenue or their designee,) who then adopt the rules as proposed, adopts rules with modifications or sends the rules back to the Division for additional work.
When rules are adopted by the State Licensing Authority (SLA) they are published with an effective date no sooner than twenty days after the adoption date.
For Information on current Rulemaking visit our 2018 Rulemaking Page