Kathleen Staks - Executive Director
Nancey Steinheimer - Assistant to the Director
Contact: 303-866-2462

Adrienne Dorsey – Strategic Partnership Advisor, Low-Income Energy Services
Adrienne works with stakeholders from public, private and non-profit sectors to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for low-income households. She is leading CEO's development of a portfolio of low-income community solar projects, which is designed to bring 1 MW of solar power to 300 low-income households.
Contact:  303-866-2791

Andrew Sand –Assistant Director Policy and Legislation
Andrew works on legislative affairs, researches and develops policy and legislative initiatives, monitors energy legislation, and provides stakeholder support for emerging energy markets.
Contact: 303-866-2206

Andy Cordova - Senior Technical and Training Manager
Andy’s years of experience in weatherization enable him to oversee the technical functions of the CEO Weatherization Program.
Contact: 303-866-2497

Cassidy Green - Weatherization Program Analyst
Cassidy determines how process, policy, budget and technology changes affect the CEO Weatherization Program. He is responsible for creating metrics reports to determine the Weatherization Program's performance.
Contact: 303-866-2264

Chi Nguyen - Network Administrator

Christopher Worley - Director of Policy & Research
Chris oversees the Policy & Research group, which engages with external stakeholders and provides technical support to the Colorado General Assembly and to state agencies.
Contact: 303-866-2614

Christian Williss - Director of Programs & Initiatives 
Christian manages CEO's team of program managers and engineers. The Programs and Initiatives team is responsible for managing existing programs and launching new initiatives in the areas of energy performance contracting, residential energy efficiency, alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure, and agricultural energy efficiency.
Contact: 303-866-2386

Don Walker - Weatherization Quality Assurance Manager
Don oversees the Weatherization Quality Assurance Program and performs inspections of the weatherization work performed in Colorado. He provides program guidance to weatherization agencies around Colorado while updating and monitoring policies and procedures.
Contact: 303-866-2212

Gillian Weaver - Weatherization Program Associate
Gillian maintains the Weatherization policy manual, sharing program procedures and updates with Weatherization sub-grantees and communicating with clients and constituents regarding the Weatherization Program.
Contact: 303-866-6120

Gregg Hefner - Director of Accounting & Budget
Gregg is responsible for development, tracking and reporting of internal, external, and federal budgets.
Contact: 303-866-2601

Heatheryn Higgins - Public Information Officer & Outreach Director
Heatheryn answers all media requests and directs campaigns to put Colorado Energy Office programs before the public.
Contact: 303-866-6585

Jeffrey King - Business Development Manager
Jeff researches, develops, deploys and promotes financing solutions for the advancement of energy and energy efficiency. He serves as an energy finance resource for Colorado-based start-ups.
Contact: 303-866-2259

Joseph Pereira - Director of Low-Income Energy Services
Joe oversees the strategic direction and operations of CEO's low-income energy services. He coordinates policy and programs and assists with regulatory efforts focused on reducing energy burden to income-qualified households.
Contact:  303-866-4663

Karen Phelan - Deputy Director
Karen oversees the strategic planning and reporting process, leads strategic communications planning and messaging, and ensures office efficiency and effective management.
Contact:  303-866-2262

Kim Burke - Senior Project Manager/Residential
Kim works to advance residential energy efficiency across the state by promoting the adoption of the U.S. Department of Energy's Home Energy Score. She also develops and expands financing solutions to encourage consumers to invest in the efficiency, health, safety, and comfort of their homes.
Contact: 303-866-2343

Lindsey (Wedewer) Stegall - Policy & Regulatory Analyst
Lindsey monitors and analyzes energy-related regulatory and policy developments and provides research and development support for new initiatives aimed at advancing emerging energy markets.
Contact:  303-866-2594

Maria Eisemann - Transportation Policy Analyst
Maria advises and works with stakeholders on strategies to promote alternative fuels, vehicles and technologies aimed at promoting economic development in Colorado's energy sector.
Contact: 303-866-2204

Matthew Robinson - Program Engineer
Matthew supports CEO’s programs, in particular the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) program, by providing engineering technical assistance to support energy and resource efficiency activities in state facilities, K12 schools, colleges and local government facilities.
Contact: 303-866-2660

Michael Turner - Energy Efficiency Programs Manager
Michael manages energy efficiency programs for the State's K-12, state and local government, and commercial/industrial sectors.
Contact: 303-866-6665

Mirka della Cava - EPC Program Manager/Team Lead
Mirka connects energy service companies (ESCOs) and public agencies to help the agencies realize savings from energy efficiency opportunities in existing facilities. She provides support for both parties throughout the Energy Performance Contracting program project.
Contact: 303-866-3464

Nancy Burkhart - Communications Associate

Nancy provides support to CEO program managers by writing and editing content for websites, publications, and marketing materials.
Contact: 303-866-2391

Paul Scharfenberger - Director of Finance
Paul is responsible for leading CEO's efforts toward establishing long-term, sustainable financing solutions for projects and companies across the energy spectrum and across all sectors of Colorado's economy. This entails managing in-house, market-facing finance programs, coordinating stakeholders in an effort to leverage external resources, and assisting in the development of legislation capable of addressing the finance gaps in Colorado's energy markets.
Contact: 303-866-2432

PJ Johnson - Budget Analyst
PJ develops, tracks and manages both internal and external budgets. She also develops fiscal note budgets and federal grant budgets, and produces quarterly and year-end reports.
Contact: 303-866-3964

Ryan Harry – Senior Program Manager
Ryan oversees operations for CEO's Weatherization Assistance Program. He manages the analysis and process development of the Weatherization Program.
Contact:  303-866-5917

Ryan Manzik - Weatherization Performance & Relations Manager
Ryan is responsible for the overall performance, compliance and relational aspects of the Weatherization Program. He guides CEO's Weatherization Program partnerships management.
Contact:  303-866-6472

Samantha Reifer - Research and Outreach Associate
Sammy tracks energy data, develops models and conducts quantitative analyses to assist in in CEO's policy and program objectives. She conducts research on policy-related initiatives and
develops strategies to engage stakeholders on energy issues.
Contact: 303-866-2418

Sara Graf - Senior Contracts Manager
Sara oversees and manages the contract and procurement process for the CEO. She serves as the primary purchasing agent for the agency while developing applications and solicitations for grants and professional services to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines.
Contact: 303-866-2326

Taylor Lewis - Program Engineer
Taylor supports CEO’s programs, in particular the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) program, by providing engineering technical assistance to support energy and resource efficiency activities in state facilities, K12 schools, colleges and local government facilities.
Contact: 303-866-2483

Theresa Takushi - Program Manager
Theresa provides support to the state's Greening Government initiative.
Contact: 303-866-2128

Wes Maurer Transportation Program Manager
Wes manages CEO’s transportation programs, including ALT Fuels Colorado and Charge Ahead Colorado. Additionally, he performs market research to guide program focus and delivery, conducts stakeholder and program outreach, and ensures the successful deployment of statewide infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs).
Contact: 303-866-2064

Zach Owens - Program Manager 
Zach manages CEO's residential new homes program, which includes two areas: builders' technical assistance and energy conservation building codes. Zach also manages Charge Ahead Colorado and other CEO initiatives, including solar thermal and the State Capitol's LEED certification.
Contact: 303-866-3279

Zac Stewart - Weatherization Technical and Training Specialist
Zac provides weatherization training and technical assistance to weatherization partners throughout the state. He assists in performing quality assurance inspections on completed weatherization jobs.
Contact: 303-866-2084