Residential Buildings

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that residential buildings consume 23.2% of the total energy in the U.S. Including commercial structures (which account for 19% of total consumption), buildings use an estimated 42.2% of the energy in Colorado.

  residential buildings energy graph

Source: EIA, 2014

By supporting the proper installation of just a few key technologies that address space heating and hot water needs – such as insulation, appropriately sized high-performance furnace systems, duct sealing and outside air-infiltration in both newly constructed and existing homes – Colorado residents can often realize immediate benefits of 20%-30% reductions in monthly utility bills, improved indoor air quality, enhanced comfort and health, as well as increased property values.

Colorado Energy Office (CEO) Residential Energy Services focuses on this essential opportunity by increasing awareness and opportunities for Colorado residents to reduce energy bills and consumption in both newly constructed and existing homes.