K-12 Schools

high school kids in volleyball game in the gym

Colorado schools, especially in rural or lower income districts, are finding that high energy costs may be draining their education budgets, but school districts are in a weak financial position to pay for building upgrades. The average Colorado school building is 41 years old. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that inefficient K12 school facilities waste more than 30 percent of energy per year.

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) Energy Savings for Schools Program (ESS) provides technical resources to all schools across Colorado, for energy/water efficiency and renewable energy, and provides a consolidated platform for all of CEO’s K12 supported programs.

ESS also connects school districts to other CEO K-12 programs, potential funding sources, and a peer network for sharing best management practices and successes.

CEO offers a long-term energy partner committed to building capacity, persistence and replicability across district buildings.

For more information, contact Michael Turner, Colorado Energy Office, at Michael.A.Turner@state.co.us.