ALT Fuels Colorado EV Fast-Charging Corridors


11-29-2018: Gov. Hickenlooper and Colorado Energy Office award $10.33 million grant to ChargePoint to build electric vehicle fast-charging stations across the state

The ALT Fuels Colorado EV Fast-Charging Corridors grant directly addresses Action #1 in the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan: Build out Colorado’s EV fast-charging infrastructure through public-private partnerships and in coordination with other programs. This grant is for the development of EV fast-charging stations along Colorado’s Tier I and Tier II transportation corridors. The fast-charging stations will be located in communities at 33 sites across six corridors comprised of Interstate, State and U.S. Highways - see map above.

This ALT Fuels Colorado grant also helps implement Colorado's Beneficiary Mitigation Plan and the State’s commitment to the multi-state Regional Electric Vehicle West Memorandum of Understanding

If you have questions about ALT Fuels Colorado EV Fast-Charging Corridors, please contact Program Manager Zach Owens at