Agricultural Energy Efficiency

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Agricultural producers across the state are saving money on their utility bills by taking advantage of the the Colorado Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program (AgEE). To apply, see Colorado Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program Application.


Program Successes

  • Over $1M in grants awarded
  • 194 Facility Audits Conducted
  • 1.3M kWh Saved
  • 31k Therms Saved
  • 1.4 GHG Emissions Avoided
  • 14M Additional kWh Savings Identified

The AgEE was launched statewide in the summer of 2015 as the Colorado Dairy and Irrigation Efficiency Program, building on the success of its 2014 pilot initiative. According to the Colorado Agricultural Energy Market Research Report, prepared for the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) in 2013, Colorado farmers spend more than $400 million annually on energy, equaling 7 percent of the industry’s total expenses, with dairy and irrigation farming having the highest energy costs.


CEO created the Colorado Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program as a partnership, approaching energy efficiency not only as a utility operations strategy but also as  a way of improving the financial standing of Colorado agricultural producers.


How to Participate

There are two ways that Colorado producers can start saving money on energy bills:


1. For participants with an existing energy audit:

  • Fill out the pre-approval application (Expected November 2018), choosing the equipment you plan to replace
  • Participants contact a trade ally
  • Receive pre-approval
  • Purchase and Install Equipment
  • Apply for rebate

2. For participants without an existing energy audit:

  • Fill out the program application
  • AgEE program representatives will contact you and set up a time for a site visit
  • Meet with implementer on-site for thorough energy audit
  • Receive audit report and decide on improvements
  • Depending on scope of project, either fill out pre-approval application or apply for state/federal grants with help from our grant writers

The program addresses barriers that prevent producers from investing in energy efficiency by bringing existing resources and partners together and leveraging new funding with a turnkey approach. Program participants receive a free energy audit, a preliminary renewable energy assessment, technical assistance, energy coaching, and support for financing and implementing projects.


The program will expand to 60 more producers during this year and is expected to generate more than $4.5 million in savings in only five years.


The program will help Colorado producers be more competitive by providing efficiency investments with payback periods of less than five years, reducing operating costs for the participants.


For more Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program information, contact Anna Kelly at


For more information on energy efficiency for agricultural producers, visit the Colorado Department of Agriculture, click here.