Success Stories

Handicap businessman giving high-five to colleague in creative office

We work together with our many partners and Colorado employers to make a positive difference each and every day in the lives of Coloradoans with disabilities. Take a moment to read our stories - and see how their success, your success, and our success all go hand-in-hand.

DeAndre's Story

Alexandre's Story

"Through them I regained my confidence that I could get my life going, and could be self-sustaining, that I could be an adult in and of myself. I know that I will always need a little help, because if I wasn’t able to admit that to myself before I wouldn’t be here now. Even if it is just someone to believe in the hardships one faces with disabilities it can make the world of difference as it has for me." Read more from Alexandre>

Josh's Story

To this day I have been more successful working at the new King Soopers and achieved my goal to become a checker! I would not have done any of this without the help of SWAP and Mr. Craig. Read more from Josh>

Reuben's Story

Reuben came to his SWAP meeting on May 3, 2015, determined to become a CNA and had already picked up the application forms to register for the next CNA class at the local technical college.  He had also taken the TABE test and met the requirements required for the CNA class. With guidance from SWAP, Reuben interviewed two registered nurses to gather more information about CNA training and responsibilities.  Reuben’s reflection after the informational interviews stated, “I think it would be a great job because I get to help people”. Read more about Reuben>