Reuben's Story

Photo of Reuben PorterDelta SWAP Success

One year to full time employment as a CNA

Putting it simply, if you want your message to be remembered, put it into a list of three.  Therefore I open this success story with three words “Veni, vidi, vici” by Julius Caesar.  The translation is “I came, I saw, I conquered” and are words appropriate for Reuben Porter’s SWAP journey to Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) employment.

“Veni – I came”: Reuben applied for DVR services on November 11, 2014, was determined “Eligible” in the “Significant Disabilities Category” and then was temporarily filed in the DVR drawer called “Delayed” until April 30, 2015.

“Vidi – I saw”: Reuben came to his SWAP meeting on May 3, 2015, determined to become a CNA and had already picked up the application forms to register for the next CNA class at the local technical college.  He had also taken the TABE test and met the requirements required for the CNA class. With guidance from SWAP, Reuben interviewed two registered nurses to gather more information about CNA training and responsibilities.  Reuben’s reflection after the informational interviews stated, “I think it would be a great job because I get to help people”.

The DVR counselor supported his vocational choice and completed the IPE with Reuben on May 27, 2015.  He started the CNA class 6/8/15 and either bicycled or walked the round trip of 6 miles to the tech college each day. He successfully completed the class on 6/26/15 and on that same day, he registered for the State CNA exam and met with SWAP to discuss applying for CNA jobs at local nursing homes. SWAP assisted him with the applications. On 7/27/15, he started his job at Willow Tree Nursing home, with the understanding that he needed to pass the State CNA exam in 120 days or Willow Tree could not continue to employ him. 

Reuben took the State CNA exam on 9/12/2015, and failed both the written and skills parts.  SWAP met with client on 9/15/15 and he stated that he wanted to register immediately to retake the State exam. He had already requested the registration forms. He had also informed the Director of Nursing at Willow Tree about the exam results.  SWAP discussed strategy with him to prepare for the retake.  SWAP explained that the technical college CNA department could provide written and skills review to prepare for exam.  The client requested SWAP set up the review. He then walked or bicycled to the tech college to review until the new exam date on 10/17/15 as well as worked full time at Willow Tree.

Rueben passed the written but failed the skills part of the exam. By 10/19/15, he had already requested the registration forms for a retake of the skills section and had talked to the Director of Nursing at Willow Tree re the exam results.  The client traveled down the same road again with bicycling or walking to the tech college, reviewing skills at the tech college, working full time at Willow Tree, and retaking the skills exam.

Vici – I conquered” – Reuben passed his skills exam on 11/28/15 and is employed full time at Willow Tree Nursing Home.