Invest in Youth

In order to better prepare youth for career entry, it is important to identify ways in which we can all partner together. We know an employer’s time is valuable, but ask that everyone remember that they work at a place of business and businesses are employers!  As such, consider the following ways in which you can share your passion for business with an eager young person.

Program Name

Program Description

Guest Speaker

Will your business provide someone to go to a classroom to speak about their business, business principles, career opportunities, etc?

Job Fairs

Would your business consider setting up a booth to promote awareness of job opportunities and on-site recruitment?

Career Fairs

Would your business consider setting up a booth to promote awareness of different vocations for youth to explore and learn about occupations in the industry?

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Would you allow select individuals to work in your business for several months learning a particular trade?  Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship a full time job would result.  Apprenticeships can be casual (non-paid) or a Federal Apprenticeship Program

Mentorship of a job seeker

Will you or one of your employees be willing to answer job related questions for youth on an on-going basis?

Soft Skills Development

Would you be willing to perform mock interviews, offer feedback on resumes, etc to better prepare youth for the world of work?

On-the-job Training

Will your company provide on the job training where part of the employee’s wages are subsidized to compensate for employer training costs?

Job Shadows

Would you be willing to allow a youth interested in the industry to follow an employee around to observe and ask questions for a few hours?

Work Experience

Will you accept applicants to do a non-paid volunteer/Work Experience in order to eventually obtain paid employment (not necessarily with your business)?


Would you be willing to allow a small group to tour your place of business, providing exposure to the industry for youth who may not comprehend the business?

Get Started

To get started, contact a local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Office.

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