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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” -Phil Jackson

Real change takes commitment and hard work. Moving towards a time when people with and without disabilities participate in the labor force at a comparable rate is a foundational societal shift. The State Rehabilitation Council aims to play an effective role in hastening that change. Members know progress depends on the work of a great team with an array of perspectives and talents. 

The Council’s ongoing priority is to develop, strengthen and sustain a team of members who work together to improve the odds that more Coloradans go to work and advance in careers by meeting the business needs of an existing employer or through entrepreneurial efforts after receiving vocational rehabilitation services. These services assist each person maximize the capacity to work an earn by developing an employment goal and a plan for securing a position or promotion that suits his or her strengths, abilities, capabilities, interests, priorities concerns and informed choices. We recruit on an ongoing basis.

What Does the State Rehabilitation Council Do?

Council members collaborate to improve the service delivery process and the outcomes of the people who receive vocational rehabilitation services by:

  • Using data and other information to evaluate how rules, policies and practices support or impede the goal of increasing labor force participation among Coloradans with disabilities.
  • Gathering strategic input from recipients of services, their families, partners who provide services and supports in the vocational rehabilitation process, employers and the community at large for the purpose of identifying needs, concerns, issues and most importantly actionable recommendations for process improvement.
  • Providing guidance and opportunities for CDLE and DVR decision makers to engage in dialogue and reflection about systemic issues with a focus on the impacts and outcomes for recipients of vocational rehabilitation services.
  • Advocating (through education) in favor of actions that preserve or expand the Division’s budgetary and programmatic capacity to assist Coloradans with disabilities to participate in the labor force.
  • Utilizing the state plan, rule making, other formal comment and federal monitoring processes to offer written recommendations and or analysis designed to increase labor force participation by recipients of DVR services.

Time Commitment and Expectations

All members are appointed by the Governor. Members serve a term ranging in duration from one to three years (terms are staggered by the Governor’s Office). A member can serve up to two consecutive full terms. There is no compensation for serving on the Council, however we are able to pay mileage, per diem and lodging according to state fiscal rules and guidelines. The Council happily provides reasonable accommodation upon request.  

Council members meet in person every other month for 4 to 6 hours, on a weekday and almost always during regular business hours. Participation does require some travel with advance notice. Members participate in the meetings of one or two committees by conference call. This typically requires up to four hours a month.

What is the State Rehabilitation Council Seeking in a Member?

The goal of the State Rehabilitation Council is to build an effective team which is representative of the array of experiences and characteristics of the people of Colorado. We aren’t looking for one type of candidate, to the contrary. We seek applicants who:

  • Support the mission and goals the Council pursues
  • Have time and desire to serve at the pleasure of the Governor in the public interest
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior
  • Want to learn, develop  and share subject matter expertise
  • Collaborate with the team and prioritize a common purpose or agenda, and
  • Engage by doing work and asking questions.

We welcome and encourage people of all abilities, cultures, races, genders and political affiliations. Our work is stronger when members come from urban, suburban and rural areas. 

Specific composition

The federal law (34 CFR 361.17 [b] [1] [i-xii]) and Executive Order B 014 07 specifies the composition of the State Rehabilitation Council.  

More than half of our members must be people with disabilities. Some of the interest groups represented on the State Rehabilitation Council include: DVR representatives (from administration and the field); current or former recipients of vocational rehabilitation services; a representative of the Client Assistance Program, and PEAK Parent Centers; parents of people with disabilities (particularly those of people with disabilities who have functional limitations that make it difficult to express or represent their interests independently); American Indian Tribes that administer a vocational rehabilitation program; business and industry; labor; and representatives of particular state partner agencies or boards (CDE, CWDC, DDC, SILC).

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for membership we welcome your application and appreciate the time you are investing in the process. Please complete the application on the Governor’s Boards and Commissions website.