Fiscal Procedures

Fiscal Procedures

Billing or invoices should be submitted to the originating Division of Vocational Rehabilitation office within 15 days of the last date of service or the 15th day of the following month, whichever is sooner. Buyer shall not reimburse such sales or use taxes.

Service providers or vendors have a maximum of 45 days to bill DVR for a service or good or DVR shall not pay. In addition, DVR shall pay vendor for all amounts due within 45 days after receipt of products or services and a correct notice of amount due.

Invoices should contain the following information, at a minimum:  

  • Name of the provider  
  • Provider mailing address  
  • DVR authorization number  
  • Provider’s invoice number
  • Dates of service  
  • Itemized list of fees according to authorization  
  • Invoice total

Invoices may be sent to originating DVR office by mail, fax, or encrypted email. View an Invoice Template for guidance.


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If you have any general questions about the process, please contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation Office.