Application Process

Please check with your local office to confirm their application process and procedures.


Some of our offices hold an orientation session designed to inform you about the  vocational rehabilitation process. We will tell you what you can expect, as well as how we can assist you in finding a job if you are determined eligible for services. In the session, no individual situations will be discussed. Any questions you may have about your particular situation can be discussed with your vocational rehabilitation counselor at your intake appointment.

Your First Appointment

Your application will usually occur at your first appointment when you will meet with your counselor for the first time. To prepare for this meeting, please complete the Personal Information Packet if you are able. During this appointment, you will complete an application form indicating you are applying for services and you intend to go to work. Your counselor will ask you about your medical, financial, educational, and vocational experiences as well as review your skills, abilities, and rehabilitation needs.

Client Handbook


Personal Information Packet 

Prepare for your appointment:

Required Documents

If you are 18 years old or older, you MUST bring acceptable identification with you to your intake appointment to verify you are lawfully present in the United States; your DVR Counselor will not be able to accept your application without it.

Any of the following are acceptable forms of identification documents:

  • Colorado Driver's License* (expired less than 10 years)
  • Colorado Identification Card* (expired less than 10 years)
  • Most out-of-state Driver’s License or ID* 
  • US Passport 
  • Permanent Resident Card 
  • Certificate of Naturalization with photo (less than 20 years old)
  • Certificate of Citizenship with photo

*A Driver’s License or ID stating “Not Valid for Federal Identification, Voting or Public Benefit Purposes” or issued by a State that is not compliant with Real ID cannot be used to verify lawful presence. Please contact your local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation office for more information if you have questions.


During your first appointment with DVR, you and your counselor will determine what additional information must be gathered to determine if you meet eligibility criteria. You may be asked to sign Release of Information form(s), so that we may obtain your existing records to better evaluate your situation. If needed, and if you don't have any current documentation of your disability, additional assessments or evaluations may be scheduled at no cost to you.


Your eligibility will usually be determined within 60 days of applying. However there may be circumstances unique to your situation which cause a delay. If this is the case, your counselor will discuss the delay with you to decide how much additional time is needed.

You will be notified of your eligibility status in writing:

  • If you are eligible for DVR services, you and your counselor will discuss the next step.
  • If you are not eligible for DVR services, your service record will be closed at this point. If you disagree with the decision that you are not eligible, there is an appeal process.

Contact Us

If you have any general questions about the process, please contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation Office.