The Coal Program issues permits for coal mining and reclamation, and approves notices of intent to conduct exploration. Applicants demonstrate compliance with the Rules and Regulations to prevent negative impacts to environmental resources, protect public health and safety, and ensure reclamation of disturbed areas.

Coal permits are issued for five years and permittees have the right to successive renewal if a complete permit application for renewal is submitted at least 180 days prior to the expiration date. Notices of intent to conduct exploration are valid for the expected duration of the project, but may be extended if a written request is submitted to and approved by the Division.

Revisions to coal permits can be requested when necessary. The type of revision depends upon the modification that is requested - 

  • Minor revisions are insignificant changes to the operation plan or reclamation plans. Examples include changes in ownership information, minor alterations in the location of roads or other facilities, or minor alterations in the timing or sequencing of mining or reclamation plans.
  • Technical revisions do not cause a significant alteration to the operation or reclamation plan, but may require a detailed review or involve other agencies. Examples include incidental permit boundary revisions, increases in coal production, reduction or termination of approved environmental monitoring programs, or design changes for regulated structures or facilities.
  • Permit revisions are significant modifications to the terms or requirements of the approved permit. Examples include significant changes to the mining and reclamation plan, the addition of coal leases or mining blocks, and significant acreage changes to the permit boundary.