The Division conducts regular inspections of permitted operations in the state. Complete inspections are conducted at least quarterly at active coal mines, in addition to a minimum of eight partial inspections throughout the year. Operations that are in temporary or permanent cessation are inspected quarterly.  At least two complete inspections are conducted annually at sites where the Division has revoked the permit and commenced reclamation activities.

Inspections are conducted to verify that mining and reclamation operations at the sites are being conducted in compliance with the approved permit, the Rules and Regulations, and the Act.  Some of the topics inspectors evaluate include:

  • Protection of the hydrologic balance (prevention of off-site sediment and erosion, surface and groundwater quality)
  • Air pollution control (dust suppression)
  • Fish and Wildlife protection
  • Use of Explosives
  • Subsidence control measures
  • Regrading to approximate original contour
  • Topsoil Replacement
  • Revegetation success