The Minerals Program conducts inspections of each permitted mine site at least once every four years. High priority sites, such as hardrock and in-stream gravel extraction operations, may be inspected annually. Operations that use toxic or hazardous materials may be inspected monthly. The Division responds to written citizen complaints within 30 day of receipt. 

Mineral mine sites are inspected to ensure compliance with the Act, Regulations, and the provisions of an operator’s approved permit. Inspection focus on a variety of topics including: 

Photo of reclaimed mined land

• General compliance with Mining Plan 
• Erosion and sediment control 
• Stormwater management 
• Topsoil salvage and replacement 
• Processing facilities 
• Acid or toxic materials 
• Backfilling and grading 
• Protection of the hydrologic balance 
• Protection of wildlife resources 
• Revegetation success