Aerial photograph of Cripple Creek and Victor MineA performance and financial warranty must be posted for all permitted mineral mines and exploration operations.  The performance warranty is a written promise that the operator will comply with all applicable requirements of the Hard Rock or Construction Materials Act and applicable rules and regulations of the Board.  The financial warranty is determined by the Division during the permit review process and is set and maintained at a level which reflects the actual current cost of fulfilling the requirements of the Reclamation Plan.  The Division may, in its discretion, review any financial warranty for adequacy at any time.

The Division may release an operator from reclamation liability when the operator demonstrates through an on-site inspection and other relevant information that the operator has met the conditions of the approved Reclamation Plan, the Rules and Regulations, and the Act.  If a site is releasable, the Division will terminate the approved permit and return the reclamation bond to the financial warrantor.  Once a site is released, the Division no longer has jurisdiction over the site.