Working Together Foundation


Empower all members of the state family – employees and retirees from all branches of Colorado state government – to cope with emergencies and to grow personally and professionally with an opportunity to help one another.


Provide financial grants up to $500, subject to available funds, to enable employees and retirees to cope with emergency needs during a crisis. Unforeseen emergencies arise from medical conditions, crime, fire, death, unexpected addition of a dependent to the household, and other difficult circumstances. Assistance is used for housing, utilities, medical expenses, food, clothing and other basic needs.


The foundation incorporated in 1993 and awarded its first grant on April 16, 1993.  An Annual Report is prepared containing information about the activities for the year.


Nearly all revenue (approximately 82%) is derived from employee contributions through the Colorado Combined Campaign (CCC agency #1300), an annual event to raise funds for a number of charities. The remainder of the income is from fundraising events sponsored by employee groups and individual donations. One of the goals of Working Together is to use as much of the funds as possible to help as many state employees and retirees as possible. Keeping administrative costs down (approximately 4%) helps accomplish this goal.

The foundation undergoes a financial audit each year. The results have found Working Together to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting practices.