Strategic Plan

In accordance with the SMART Act (HB10-1119), the Department of Personnel & Administration assembles the Department's strategic plan each year. This strategic plan represents a considerable effort undertaken by the DPA leadership team to prioritize and focus the Department's efforts and resources on the functions that will provide the greatest service to our customers and the citizens of Colorado. It is important to note that the strategic plan represents a living document that, like any other, can only be improved through ongoing scrutiny and revision. As a result, the Department is continuing to refine the information presented within the strategic plan.

Strategic Policy Initiatives

The Department of Personnel & Administration identified several strategic policy initiatives for FY 2018-19 and beyond.  

Improve DPA Customer Service

DPA performs core functions that provide the infrastructure, processes, services, guidance and tools necessary to help eliminate redundancy in State government and help keep costs down. Due to the nature of the Department’s business, service to customers is the Department’s driving force. The DPA customer base is three-fold; DPA serves government entities, State employees, and the public. The Department serves State departments, the General Assembly, Institutions of Higher Education, and local government entities.  The Department seeks to be the State’s leader in service excellence by offering quality services that enhance the success of Colorado State government. The Department aims to improve service to its customers in each and every interaction, to be focused on solutions, and to “do the right thing.” The Department works to engage its customers and exceed their expectations at every step.

Modernize Business Operations

DPA provides centralized human resources, information, tools, resources and materials needed for the State of Colorado government to function. The Department provides much of the infrastructure by which many agencies in State government operate. The programs and services provided by the Department are vitally important to the efficient and effective operation of State government; and it is therefore paramount that the systems and processes the Department uses are consistent with customers’ expectations and enable customers to do their work efficiently and effectively. The Department’s success depends upon offering quality and value to customers and stakeholders by providing economically-efficient and sound services while adhering to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.  The Department aims to improve statewide business processes for managing personnel administration, performance management, and statewide leave and time tracking by reducing the number of disparate systems from approximately 80 different applications to a single-source, enterprise Human Resource Information System (HRIS)  for Executive Branch Departments.

Increase Employee Engagement

State employees are an essential component of DPA’s internal customer base and are the State’s most valuable resource. The Department serves tens of thousands of public employees and is committed to ensuring human resources processes provide for the best recruitment, selection, job evaluation, compensation, and retention methods available.  One of the Department’s most important goals is to develop an environment in which employees can be productive, creative, and function at their highest level. To that end, the Department is focused on investing in the workforce.


DPA Performance Plans

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