Strategic Plan

In accordance with the SMART Act (HB10-1119), the Department of Personnel & Administration assembles the Department's strategic plan each year. This strategic plan represents a considerable effort undertaken by the DPA leadership team to prioritize and focus the Department's efforts and resources on the functions that will provide the greatest service to our customers and the citizens of Colorado. It is important to note that the strategic plan represents a living document that, like any other, can only be improved through ongoing scrutiny and revision. As a result, the Department is continuing to refine the information presented within the strategic plan.

Strategic Policy Initiatives

The Department of Personnel & Administration identified several strategic policy initiatives for FY 2019-20 and beyond.  The Governor's Dashboard provides a summary of our progress on these initiatives so far.

Priority I. Health Care

In alignment with Governor Polis's priority to reduce health care costs for Coloradans, the Department of Personnel & Administration is focused on reducing health care costs for the Colorado government and its employees. Health care is disproportionately expensive, accounting for one third of household income. Colorado families face health care costs that are greater than the national average. The State of Colorado has a unique opportunity right now to explore innovative ways to decrease costs while increasing options and maintaining value for State of Colorado employees.

Priority II. Renewable Energy

The State of Colorado is dedicated to preserving Colorado's natural resources and promoting energy efficiencies. To support this priority, the government set a bold goal to move Colorado's electric grid to 100% renewable sources by 2040. The Department of Personnel & Administration manages 17 government buildings throughout the state. These buildings provide an opportunity for the government to role model focus on conserving energy. DPA will replace approximately 22,000 light fixtures within those buildings and will continue to assess additional conservation strategies.

Priority III. Employer of Choice

In a growing economy, the State of Colorado is faced with the challenge of continuing to attract and retain the best and brightest to our workforce. We will engage our current workforce in understanding what they value in a career, what motivates them to continue working in public service, and what we can do to attract a highly skilled workforce.

Priority IV. Innovation and Efficiency

State agencies operate on tight budgets, and taxpayers deserve to know their contributions to the state are being used in the most efficient way possible. The traditional Request for Proposal (RFP) process minimizes the State's negotiating power. By implementing Invitations to Negotiate (ITN) with our vendor community, the State has the opportunity to increase vendor competition, drive down costs, and elevate the influence of the state's procurement professionals.

DPA Performance Plans

For more detailed information about DPA and other department budgets, visit the Office of State Planning and Budgeting

You can also learn more about state government expenditures (where the money is spent) and revenue (source of the money) by visiting the Transparency Online Project (TOP).