State wins grant to study positive effects of employee assistance

Denver ­— Tuesday, July 16, 2013 —  Colorado state government is the first-ever beneficiary of a $100,000 national grant to study cost savings and improved productivity through the use of employee assistance programs.  The Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP) will be the focus of a 14-month study conducted by OMNI Institute, a Denver-based social science research organization.


“We have known for years that our employee assistance program has a positive impact on employee productivity.  Greater productivity ultimately results in more efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars,” says Kathy Nesbitt, State Personnel Director.  


C-SEAP is partnering with Dr. Melissa Richmond, Director of Research with the OMNI Institute to administer the research grant. The grant is funded by the non-profit Employee Assistance Research Foundation.


“Colorado really wins two ways with the awarding of this grant.  First, the grant is not funded with taxpayer dollars.  Second, once the study is complete state government will have a detailed, objective roadmap on how to improve our specific programs even further,” says Nesbitt.


Richmond will serve as the principle investigator for the study, which examines work-related outcomes for employees who receive C-SEAP services compared to a sample of employees who do not receive services.  C-SEAP was one of four finalists for the grant.  


“At its conclusion this study will provide us a sharper focus on how best to deliver these cost saving services to employees,” says C-SEAP Director Randi Woods.  “We are excited for the opportunity to provide Colorado taxpayers an even greater return on their investment.”


In addition to providing coaching and mediation services for workplace conflict issues C-SEAP offers counseling, workplace violence risk reduction and even financial assistance for state government employees across Colorado.


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