State’s new financial system open to employees, businesses; Processes $73 million in vital payments on first day of operations

DENVER — Tuesday, July 8, 2014 — Yesterday, about a thousand employees logged in to the State of Colorado’s new financial management system, the Colorado Operations Resource Engine. CORE replaces a faltering 22-year old accounting system that was written in COBOL and had a green screen that users tabbed through. The new accounting system also integrates budget and purchasing functions, allowing the State to replace multiple aging and redundant systems with a single source of reliable and transparent fiscal data for the majority of the State’s financial operations.

CORE launched on July 1 with a controlled ramp up that enabled State employees to begin working in the system for the first time yesterday. Some agencies experienced minor log in difficulties resulting from a server error that has since been corrected. On the first day, State employees fully used CORE to process purchasing documents, cash receipts and payments. In total, more than $73 million in vital State payments were processed through CORE to critical service providers on July 7.

In addition, businesses that work with the State were able to register and log in to CORE’s Vendor Self Service module beginning July 7. Accessible at, the public-facing module allows businesses the opportunity to view State solicitations and register to receive notifications. VSS will replace the former system, ColoradoBIDS, for all but a few institutions of higher education. Unlike ColoradoBIDS, VSS will no longer require a $40 registration fee for business owners to access and bid on posted solicitations.

CORE is based on CGI’s enterprise resource planning out-of-the-box system, Advantage, which was rebranded and configured to meet Colorado’s unique needs. Advantage has been implemented successfully in 22 states and more than 200 government organizations.

When configuring the system, the State of Colorado took explicit care to ensure the security of any confidential or private information entered in the system. There is no personal health information stored in CORE, and only State employees who have been issued the proper credentials can access confidential or private information. These practices are consistent with privacy laws and the previous system’s security. The State and CGI are also working to configure additional privacy measures for departments that wish to keep specific information (such as vendor names) internal, and those departments have put short-term solutions in place until a permanent solution can be provided.

CORE implementation is a joint effort between The Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration,  the project’s business sponsor, and the Governor’s Office of Information Technology.

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For more information, contact:
Sabrina D’Agosta
Director of Policy & Communications
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