Address Confidentiality Program Rulemaking

Address Confidentiality Program rulemaking to be held on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 1525 Sherman Street, Room 103, Denver, CO 80203

The general purpose of this rule is for:

(a)         Implementation of the provisions of HB 11-1080;

(b)         Administration of the ACP;

(c)          Clarification for the ACP stakeholders, including the general public and any organizations that may be affected by the ACP, of the transfer of authority; and

(d)          Transparency as to any modifications or changes to previous rules governing the ACP which may affect stakeholders.  

For more information on the full basis and purpose of this rule please click on the Statement of Basis and Purpose link below.

For more information on the hearing, or how to comment on this proposed rule please click on the Notice link below for the full hearing notice.


Statement of Basis & Purpose

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