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If you represent a local government or political subdivision, the links below should help you find valuable information you are looking for throughout the Department of Personnel & Administration, as well as other helpful resources throughout the state. If you are unable to find something here, please use the site’s search tool or the Alpha Index on DPA's home page may be useful. We encourage you to provide us with feedback at DPA_Comments@state.co.us.

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Address Confidentiality Program 

Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

ACP and How the Program Works

ACP Brochure (English)

ACP Facts

ACP General Information PowerPoint

ACP General Liaison Guide

ACP Request for District Eligibility

ACP Sample County Residency Letter

ACP Statute

Courts and ACP - Provisions Fact Sheet

Courts and ACP - Service of Process

Department of HCPF Agency Letter: 09-013

Department of Human Services Agency Letter GEN-09-05-01 and ACP

Law Enforcement and ACP Interaction

Schools and ACP Interaction

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Office of Administrative Courts County Resources

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IDS Customer Support Rep Contacts

IDS Management Staff Contacts


State Purchasing Office

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DCS Reports

DCS Rates

Event Rules

State Buildings Information

State Capitol Dome Restoration Project Information

State Capitol Geothermal Project Information

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CD/DVD Duplication services

Ceremonial Flag Request

Data Conversion services

Delivery services

Design services

Event Permits and Request Form

Fulfillment services

Graphic Design services

Kitting services

Mail services

Microfilm services

Printing services

Records Management 

Scanning services

Secure Document Storage

State Price Agreements


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