The NAIC will be hosting a Getting Started with SERFF Training specifically for CO Title Agents. This training will go over SERFF functionality and how to use SERFF for Title Agent fee filings to Colorado. A Colorado regulator will be on as well to help answer any questions. Please be advised, SERFF training is required prior to being fully setup with SERFF. You can attend this training to fulfill that requirement, or if you cannot, there are monthly SERFF tutorials available as well. Attendance will be monitored so that we can record who attends for credit.

The CO Title Agent SERFF Training is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 19 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am Mountain time . The tutorial is conducted via the web and a conference call. Please see below for registration and instructions.

Conference Call Registration: You will need to pre-register with the NAIC's conference call vendor, Chorus Call, and set up your account.  You can review the details by clicking here: https://services.choruscall.com/client/naic/registration/. There is a fee associated with the conference call.  The rate is $4.00 for the connection and either $0.12 or $0.15 per minute, depending on how you choose to call in:

1.       Area code 412 number – 12 cents a minute (Separate long distance/phone company charges may apply)

2.       800 number – 15 cents a minute (All charges will be contained to the credit card on record)

You will receive your IP number the day before the conference and Chorus Call will also provide you with a phone number to call into based on your choice.  If you have not received your IP number by 7 am on the day of the tutorial, please call Chorus Call at (412) 373-6964. This IP number is required to attend.

Web Portion Instructions: The "Getting Started with SERFF" tutorial will be conducted using Adobe Connect.  Please use this link to access the tutorial:   http://naic.na5.acrobat.com/gettingstartedwithserff/. Choose to sign in as a guest. I've attached a PDF of SERFF screen shots so you can take notes during the tutorial.  

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect Pro meeting before, test your connection: http://naic.na5.acrobat.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm or get a quick overview: http://www.adobe.com/go/connectpro_overview.

On the Day of the Tutorial: Please log into the web portion and call in via Chorus Call (provided with your IP number) at least five minutes before the start time.  When you call in, please let them know you are attending the Getting Started with SERFF Call.

We will begin promptly.  Please check your system requirements before the start of the tutorial.  We will not be able to delay the tutorial to troubleshoot system issues. If you have issues logging into the tutorial, please call the SERFF Implementation team at (816) 783-8787.