Telecommunications Annual Reporting

Information been sent to all Telecommunications Service Providers concerning filing of year 2016 Annual Reports. All annual reports are due on or before April 30 of the current year. Do not use a prior year's version of the reporting forms.

Utility Contact:  Commission Designated Agent or E-Filings Filer Administrator

Review and update the utility contacts, specifically identifying a current Commission Designated Agent. A Commission Designated Agent is a person upon whom service of process, notices, or orders may be made for the public utility. If this individual is not located in the State of Colorado, please identify a second Commission Designated Agent who is located in the State of Colorado. It is highly recommended that at least one of the Commission Designated Agents be a company employee since this will be the contact for any future notifications of annual reports, Colorado High Cost Support Mechanism (CHCSM) filings, and similar matters. Filings that require official service from the PUC will only be sent to the E-Filings' Filer Administrator or one Commission Designate Agent (if a company does not have an E-Filings Filer Administrator).

Filing the Annual Report, CPA Audit Report, and Form DR 0525

The annual report filing must include: 1) the annual report, 2) the most recent CPA audit report, and 3) a copy of the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Form DR 0525 (“Annual Report of Public Utility Intrastate Gross Operating Revenue”). A copy of Form DR 0525 must be filed with the PUC to maintain certification and/or registration and is due to the Commission by April 30th of each year for the prior calendar year's gross operating revenue. Additionally, Form DR 0525 must be filed with the Colorado Department of Revenue on or before May 1 of the current year.

The preferred method of filing the annual report is through the E-Filings system, in the existing Proceeding No. 17M-007T. Additional information is available in the Instructions document below. If you do not see links to the forms below, you may need to open the site in Google Chrome. 


Questions regarding annual reports should be directed to: