Special Initiative Reports

Wildfire Taskforce

In the face of the devastating toll on Colorado residents as a result of the 2012 wildfire season, the Task Force was charged to look at how to best protect citizens who live in the wildland-urban interface (WUI) and protect Colorado's landscape, which is a critical element of the state's economic health. Read More>

Cutting Red Tape, December 2011

The initial report summarized key “red tape” issues (e.g. regulatory inefficiencies, obstacles, unnecessary burdens and logjams) that businesses, local governments and citizens regularly encountered in dealing with state government. The information in this report was collected through a series of roundtable forums held across the state during the summer of 2011; participants included a diverse group of representatives from over 100 business organizations, local governments, advocacy groups and community groups. Read More>

Pits and Peeves, January 2013

The follow-up report details the review of more than 7,500 rules by executive agencies in response to the Executive Order D 2012-002 and recommendations in the earlier Omnibus Report, and describes the steps state agencies have taken to embed rigorous rule review procedures as an integral part of ongoing regulatory processes, ensuring the sustainability of the gains made through the most recent review process.  Read More>

Pits and Peeves 2.0, August 2014

The latest report reveals that a total of 13,290 rules have been reviewed by executive agencies, with 5,322 amended and 1,522 repealed, in response to Executive Order D 2012-002, which charged state agencies to conduct periodic rule reviews to determine their need and effectiveness. “Eliminating outdated, irrelevant and unnecessary regulations and streamlining the remaining rules helps reduce the burdens and costs of compliance for businesses, which ultimately creates savings for the consuming public,” said DORA Executive Director Barbara Kelley.  Read More>

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