Securities Commissioner

Chris Myklebust

Chris-Myklebust-web-1.jpgChris Myklebust has served as Colorado Securities Commissioner since Dec. 3, 2018. 

As the former State Bank and Financial Services Commissioner, Myklebust oversaw two separate financial divisions -- the Division of Banking and the Division of Financial Services. Myklebust was appointed as Colorado’s State Bank Commissioner in July 2015. Prior, he had served as the State Commissioner of Financial Services from 2006-2015. During this time, he addressed challenges brought on by the Great Recession and worked to provide a path to traditional banking solutions for the fledgling legal marijuana industry. In April 2017, he was appointed as Commissioner for both the Division of Banking and the Division of Financial Services. He left DORA on November 30, 2017 to start his own business before returning as DORA's Deputy Executive Director in May 2018.

While serving as State Bank and Financial Services Commissioner, Myklebust had executive authority to ensure the safety of over $9.7 billion in deposits by 1.5 million consumers in Colorado’s credit unions, savings and loan associations and life care institutions, and $50 billion in deposits in Colorado’s commercial banks and trust companies. Myklebust negotiated solutions on complex policy and financial issues, as well as administered the enforcement of federal and Colorado laws, rules and regulations and compliance examinations for both divisions. He also managed relationships with a variety of stakeholders such as boards of directors, legislators, attorneys, federal regulatory agencies, consumers and industry associations.

Before working for the state, he worked in the securities industry as a consultant performing asset transitions for a large international brokerage firm. His background also includes work for large and small advisory firms in the areas of operations, compliance, legal and investment portfolio design.

Gerald Rome, former Securities Commissioner, retired on Nov. 30, 2018.

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