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Consumer Alerts

You may subscribe to any of DORA's notification services to receive information by topics of interest to you.

Documents in a Utility Proceeding

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission E-Filings system allows for the online submission of documents in docketed proceedings before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.  Searching Commission records is available to the general public. To access the additional features of the E-Filings system you must be a registered user.

Enforcement / Disciplinary Actions

Licensing and disciplinary records are maintained by the Division responsible for regulating the profession, occupation or business.

Healthcare Professional Profile

The Healthcare Professions Profile Program (HPPP) is an online database to help consumers find a healthcare provider that meets their needs and expectations.  As a consumer, it is important to have access to all available information when choosing your healthcare providers. HPPP helps consumers make informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. Here, consumers can find information about a healthcare provider like disciplinary actions, restrictions or suspensions, criminal convictions, business interests, malpractice insurance settlements among other information useful to the public.  The program includes profile information for 54 license types and over 225,000 healthcare professionals.

Healthcare providers licensed and regulated by the State of Colorado, Division of Professions and Occupations, are required to report profile information. HPPP was created by the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act of 2010 and its expansion legislation in subsequent years.

Laws, Rules, Policies, Opinions and Position Statements

DORA's agencies enforce laws passed by the General Assembly.  Rules, policies and position statements clarify these laws.

Public Deposit Protection Act (PDPA) Identification Number

The purpose of the Public Deposit Protection Act (PDPA) is to ensure that public funds held on deposit in banks are protected in the event that the bank holding the public deposits becomes insolvent. The PDPA protects only public funds placed in bank deposit accounts. Bank deposit accounts include: checking, savings, money-market deposit, and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts.

PUC Proceedings Webcast

The PUC broadcasts hearings live through the Internet. They are not recorded or archived for later viewing.  You can choose to listen to audio only or to listen to audio and watch audio-visual media over the Internet. 

Real Estate Manual

The Real Estate Manual contains all statutes, rules, and position statements for occupations and industries regulated by the Division of Real Estate. 

Sunrise and Sunset Reviews

Sunrise reviews examine and report to the General Assembly on the need for regulation of a previously unregulated occupation or profession.  Sunset reviews provide an analysis and evaluation of state agencies and functions to determine the least restrictive regulation consistent with the public interest and the need for the continued existence of existing regulatory bodies.