Requests for Automobile Insurance Liability Limits

NOTICE: Division will continue to process requests for auto liability limits received electronically as quickly as possible, however processing will be slowed due to COVID-19 issues. If hard copy requests are received, the Division may be unable to process them within five (5) business days.

For purposes of compliance with § 10-3-1117, C.R.S., insurers that provide commercial automobile or personal automobile liability insurance coverage shall provide a copy of the commercial or personal automobile policy, which does not include the declarations page or the application even if attached to the policy, within thirty (30) calendar days after receiving a written request from the claimant or a claimants attorney. 

Prior to submitting the request form, a claimant or claimants attorney must determine if the Division of Insurance is the registered agent of the commercial automobile or personal automobile liability insurer via the link below

Once you have determined who the registered agent of the insurance company is, you will submit the form as follows:

The thirty (30) day timeline begins when the Automobile Insurance Liability Limits Request Form is received by the insurer.

The email address to send requests to the Division of Insurance when the Division is the Registered Agent is:

When sending electronically, you may submit multiple requests in one email; however, please send separate emails for each identified company.  (For example, if you have ten requests for one company and two for another, the ten would be submitted in one email and the other two in a separate email).  This will create efficiencies in processing your requests and expedite our ability to forward them to the insurer.

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