Register a Consumer Comment

The Public Utilities Commission welcomes public input on issues before it. If you would like the Commission to know how you feel about a particular issue, you may register your opinion by filling out an On-Line Comment form. Use the link below.

For comments to be considered, they must be received timely. Only those comments filed prior to the last day of the evidentiary hearing are considered part of the record. To view hearing dates go to Calendar & Meeting Agendas page.

The On Line Comment form should only be used if you want the Commission to register your opinion. All comments are public documents. As such, they are available for the public to view. Comments should not include personal or private information that you do not wish for others to read.

Do NOT file a public comment if you have a specific utility problem or complaint that requires PUC assistance. The intent of filing a Public Comment is to make the Commission aware of your opinion on a docketed issue.

Please note that your comments will be filed in the appropriate docket for consideration by the commissioners, but the commissioners are not able to respond directly to your comments because of rules prohibiting them from discussing cases outside of a public setting.

File an On-Line comment


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Phone: 303-894-2070 or 1-800-456-0858 if calling outside the Denver metro area, but within Colorado.