Real Estate Broker Providers & Course Approval

Education providers who want to be eligible to provide continuing education to real estate brokers must submit their proposed courses to the Real Estate Division for approval. The course and course materials must follow all requirements found in section 12-10-213(3)
 C.R.S.and Commission rules. See the sub-chapter 4 Rules found under Chapter 2 (Continuing Education Requirements), in the Colorado Real Estate Manual for more information. 

In order to qualify and teach the 2020 Annual Commission Update Course, please complete the below-linked application. Once the completed education provider application is returned to and reviewed by the Division, the training webinar will be released to the applicant. At least one instructor from each organization must complete the training webinar prior to the teaching materials being released, and every instructor should complete the training webinar prior to them teaching the course. Upon confirmation that the training webinar has been completed by the applicant, the class teaching materials will be released. If you have any questions concerning the application, instructor credentials/resume, or the course, please contact: Gary Kujawski at 303-894-2355, or


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