Public Hearings

Your chance to be heard!

Interested and concerned members of the public are welcome to attend a Commissioners' Weekly Meeting or Public Comment Hearing scheduled in a proceeding before the Public Utilities Commission in order to be heard and voice their concerns.  The PUC's calendar shows upcoming hearings and meetings scheduled.

The Commissioners' Weekly Meeting is typically held every Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the Public Utilities Commission Hearing Room A (map).  A member of the public has the opportunity to provide a public comment, but the comment cannot be about a matter that is currently before the Commission in an open proceeding.  Commissioners' Weekly Meetings can also be viewed via webcast

Public Comment hearings are scheduled as part of a procedural schedule in high profile proceedings that warrant the chance for the public to be heard by either the Administrative Law Judge assigned to the proceeding or the Commissioners.  Notices regarding public hearings are typically announced by the PUC.