Optometry Board Summarily Suspends Centennial Optometrist

Denver - Today, March 25, 2016, the Colorado Board of Optometry Examiners (Board) summarily suspended the license of Centennial optometrist Paul Conkling, a former member of the Board.  

As stated in the summary suspension, the Board’s investigation of Dr. Conkling revealed multiple unprofessional conduct violations, including, C.R.S. 12-40-118(1)(a) (deceit of the Board), C.R.S. 12-40-118(1)(k) (grossly negligent optometry practice), C.R.S. 12-40-118(1)(s) (failure to meet generally accepted standards), C.R.S. 12-40-118(1)(hh) (engaging in a sexual act with a patient while a patient-optometrist relationship exists), and C.R.S. 12-40-118(1)(mm) (violation of any provision of Article 40).    

The above violations are grounds for discipline, including revocation of a license, according to the Optometry Practice Act.  The Board referred the case to the Office of the Attorney General for further disciplinary proceedings. 

Dr. Conkling served on the Board from 2009, including a term as Board Chair.  He resigned from the post on February 1, 2016.

DORA encourages consumers to verify a license and check for discipline before selecting an optometrist.  If you suspect wrongdoing, consider filing a complaint with DORA.  Visit www.askdora.colorado.gov and click on “File a Complaint.”


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