Colorado State Statutes

Most, but not all, of Colorado's laws about insurance will be found in Title 10 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. These statutes can be found through the following links which will lead you to a third-party searchable database.

Colorado Revised Statutes - This link takes you to the database that allows you to search all of Colorado's laws.

The specific part of statute that refers to insurance is Title 10. Due to frequent changes by the CRS publisher, we no longer link directly to the individual statutes. However, the following is a guide to where you will find specific sections of statute that apply to insurance issues.

Title 10 - INSURANCE

Article 1 - General Provisions

Article 2 - Licenses

Article 3 - Regulation of Insurance Companies

Article 3.5 - Certified Capital Companies

Article 4 - Property and Casualty Insurance

Article 5 - Nonadmitted Insurance

Article 6 - Captive Insurance Companies

Article 7 - Life Insurance

Article 8 - CoverColorado.

Article 9 - Franchise Insurance (Repealed)

Article 10 - Credit Insurance

Article 11 - Title Insurance

Article 12 - Mutual Insurance

Article 13 - Interinsurance

Article 14 - Fraternal Benefit Societies

Article 15 - Preneed Funeral Contracts

Article 16 - Health Care Coverage

Article 17 - Health Maintenance Organizations (Repealed)

Article 18 - Medicare Supplement Insurance

Article 19 - Long-term Care Insurance

Article 20 - Life and Health Insurance Protection Association

Article 21 - Colorado Care Health Insurance Program

Article 22 - Colorado Health Benefit Exchange

Article 23 - Cash-bonding Agents

Information on Colorado Law related to Workers' Compensation can be found in C.R.S. Title 8.



ARTICLE 44- INSURANCE (related to Workers Compensation)

The Colorado Division of Insurance does not have jurisdiction over individual Workers Compensation Claims. These claims are handled by the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation (CDWC) in the Department of Labor and Employment. The CDWC is the state office responsible for administering and enforcing the workers’ compensation law in this state.

The Colorado Division of Insurance also issues, in addition to the state laws shown above Bulletins and Regulations.


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