Acting State Bank Commissioner

Kenneth G. Boldt

Ken Boldt

Deputy Bank Commissioner Kenneth "Ken" Boldt was appointed the Acting State Bank Commissioner on December 1, 2017, following the departure of Commissioner Chris Myklebust. As the Acting State Bank Commissioner, he is responsible for all examination and enforcement functions of the Division of Banking, subject to the policy- and rule-making authority of the Banking Board, for all Colorado state-chartered commercial banks, trust companies, and licensed money transmitters. In addition, he is responsible for enforcing the Public Deposit Protection Act.

Ken joined the Division in April 2012 as a Supervising Examiner and was appointed as the Deputy Bank Commissioner on November 1, 2013. He previously served as the Acting State Bank Commissioner from January 1, 2014 to July 8, 2015, prior to the appointment of Mr. Myklebust. Ken previously worked as a Senior Examiner and Manager in the Examinations and Inspections Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Denver branch. His responsibilities included leading safety and soundness, IT, and trust examinations, quality assurance, banker outreach, and examination process improvements.

Ken holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa. 


Contact Information
1560 Broadway, Suite 975
Denver, CO 80202