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If you have questions or concerns about your insurance or insurance options, please contact us for assistance at the numbers below.

Online Form for Formal Complaint or Request for Assistance (click here)

To speak with a Division of Insurance consumer affairs representative:

     303-894-7490 - Consumer Information
     1-800-930-3745 - Toll Free if calling from outside Denver metro area

For general questions or other inquiries:

     303-894-7499 - Main Phone
     1-800-930-3745 - Toll Free if calling from outside Denver metro area

Emailing the Division of Insurance

Emailing sensitive information, such as social security numbers, medical records, date of birth or other personal identifying information is not advised. Take steps to protect your identity and DORA will continue to do its part in protecting Colorado’s consumers. If the nature of your inquiry requires you to disclose such sensitive information, you may send an encrypted e-mail by clicking the link below for instructions.


The main Division of Insurance website is

For Media Inquiries

Vincent Plymell, Communications Manager -, 303-894-2261 (office), 303-910-9614 (cell)

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