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Media Contacts

Main - General Inquiries
Jill Sarmo, Communications Director & PIO for DORA
Executive director, consumer outreach and education, legislative, civil rights, conservation, securities, Office of Consumer Counsel, Broadband Deployment Board, Colorado Office of Policy Research & Regulatory Reform
Professions and Occupations - Licenses, Complaints, Laws 
Lee Rasizer, PIO
Division of Professions and Occupations
Utilities - Electric, Gas, Water, Transportation, Telecommunications, Railway Crossing 
Terry Bote, External Affairs Manager
Colorado Public Utilities Commission
Insurance - Health, Life, Property
Vince Plymell, Assistant Commissioner
Division of Insurance
Real Estate - Licenses, Complaints, Laws
Gary Kujawski, Education, Communication and Policy Manager
Division of Real Estate
Banking & Financial Services - Marijuana Banking, State-Chartered Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Education
Rebecca Laurie, Stakeholder & Innovations Strategist