Support the Third Annual 2018 Energy Efficiency Day by saving energy and money

DENVER - (Oct. 5 2018) -- The Colorado Office of Consumer Counsel (OCC), which advises and advocates on behalf of consumers regarding state regulated utility costs, is helping to raise awareness about energy efficiency for the third annual Energy Efficiency Day taking place on Friday, October 5.

Energy Efficiency Day is a growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, utilities and others that will provide tips and showcase the benefits of energy efficiency.

General facts about energy efficiency:

  • Since 1990, savings from energy efficiency gains have avoided the need to build 313 large power plants and have delivered cumulative savings of nearly $790 billion for Americans. (Source: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy - ACEEE)
  • Efficiency could provide one-third of total expected electricity generation needs by 2030, avoiding the need for an additional 487 large power plants. Combined with the gains since 1990, savings from energy efficiency could amount to the output of 800 power plants by 2030. (Source: ACEEE)
  • U.S. electricity use has remained constant in recent years even as the economy grew, thanks to energy efficiency. (Source: Alliance to Save Energy)
  • Energy efficiency upgrades to affordable multifamily homes could yield tens of millions of dollars in utility bill savings for households over the next 20 years. (Source: Energy Efficiency for All - EEFA)
  • Since 1992, ENERGY STAR and its partners have helped families and businesses save more than $450 billion in energy costs and over 3.5 trillion kWh of electricity, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3.1 billion metric tons. (Source: Environmental Protection Agency - EPA)

Five simple ways to reduce energy waste at home:

  1. Make the switch to LED bulbs:  Switching five of your home’s most frequently used bulbs with ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs, it’s possible to save $75 on energy costs annually.
  2. Seal Those Leaks:  Simple steps like caulking windows, sealing leaks around chimneys and recessed lighting, and sliding draft guards under your doors to save up to 20% on heating costs.
  3. Heat and Cool Efficiently:  Lowering or raising your home’s temperature by 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours while you are away or while you sleep can save $100 a year. Get a programmable thermostat so you don’t forget. Don’t forget to change your filters monthly.
  4. Turn OFF Electronics (Sometimes the simplest things are really effective!):   Turn off unnecessary/idle lights, appliances and electronics. A power strip can help turn off multiple items at once. Also unplug chargers when not in use.
  5. Wash Your Clothing Efficiently:  A washing machine spends 90% of its energy to heat water. Consider using cold water instead. In addition, try to run full loads as much as possible, because the machine uses roughly the same amount of energy regardless of the load size. Also, consider air-drying.

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