State board of nursing summarily suspends R.N.

DENVER (April 12, 2017) –- The State Board of Nursing has issued a summary suspension for Registered Nurse Kathleen Megan O’Leary upon learning O’Leary was practicing nursing while impaired by alcohol.

The Board received information that police were called to a patient’s home where O’Leary was providing nursing services to a pediatric patient when family members became concerned that O’Leary appeared impaired.  O’Leary’s alcohol impairment was confirmed by a breathalyzer.

Acting on that information, and in the interest of protecting the public, the Board summarily suspended Ms. O’Leary’s license to practice professional nursing effective April 6, 2017.

O’Leary is barred from any further acts for which a license to practice as a professional nurse is required by Colorado law. Pending proceedings will determine whether further discipline shall be instituted regarding this license.

The Division encourages consumers to verify a license and check for discipline, and if you suspect wrongdoing, you can file a complaint with DORA. Visit and click on “File a Complaint.”

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