Consumer Advisory: On Thanksgiving, grease is the (dirty) word

Clogged pipes sure to provide sinking Turkey Day feeling

DENVER –- (Nov. 22, 2017) Dumping fat from turkeys, bacon, ham and roasts into your pipes or disposing of cooking oil in the sink is a recipe for disaster this Thanksgiving.

Grease is the word – and a dirty one at that when preparing holiday feasts, particularly when other foodstuffs such as potato and carrot peels or bones also are sent down the pipes, destined to be trapped by a substance that congeals into hardened sludge mere hours after it had been liquefied.

The Division of Professions and Occupations (DPO) at the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), which manages the licensing of the state’s plumbing professionals, wants consumers to avert an emergency plumbing call. 

Take five minutes to review these tips to avoid common plumbing blunders around holiday feasts:

  • Use paper towels to wipe grease from pots, then throw them into the trash. Or, pour grease into a container, let it solidify, then discard the container.
  • Use a sink strainer to prevent food from passing through into the pipes.
  • If using a disposal, make sure to turn it on and run the water for at least 20-30 seconds after discarding scraps.
  •  Avoid putting stringy or fibrous waste into a disposal.
  • Run the water thoroughly after using the disposal.
  • If there are numerous house guests, wait about 10 minutes between showers so slow drains can clear.
  • Take care of plumbing problems before the holidays.
And if you must call a plumber, DPO encourages you to check and click “Verify a License” before putting in a work order to ensure the plumber is licensed and in good standing.
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