Consumer Advisory: Life Insurance Policy Locator Finds Nearly $12 Million for Colorado Consumers

Nationwide, $650 million in life insurance found for consumers.

DENVER (Sept. 12, 2019) – Since its inception in 2016, the Life Insurance Policy Locator has found nearly $12 million for Coloradans in lost life insurance policies or annuities. The locator is available on the website of the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI), part of the Department of Regulatory Agencies. 

Each year, millions of dollars in life insurance benefits go unclaimed by beneficiaries who can't find their deceased loved ones' policies, or in some cases may not even know the policies exist. The locator connects consumers with those lost policies. 

This free online tool, maintained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), has received 2,797 requests from Coloradans since November 2016, which turned up 796 matches of lost or misplaced life insurance policies or annuities, with claims amounts of $11,970,835 through July 31, 2019. Nationwide, 145,432 requests have led to 46,665 matches with claim amounts of $650,520,451 over the same time.

“Calls to the Division asking how to track down a life insurance policy or annuity are surprisingly common,” said Kate Harris, Chief Deputy Commissioner of Insurance for Health and Life Policy. “It used to be a long, difficult search, but now the Life Insurance Policy Locator gives consumers a way to easily search for policies and annuities. We encourage anyone who thinks there is a family member’s policy out there to submit a request.” 

The policy locator requests are secure, confidential and free. Any matches found by participating insurers are reported to the Division of Insurance through the NAIC Life Policy Locator. The companies then are responsible for contacting beneficiaries.

Who can use the locator?

Anyone. This service is open to the public, including beneficiaries and legal representatives.

If a requester is a beneficiary and is notified by the company that a lost policy has been found, what information do people need to request their benefits?

Typically, a certified death certificate and company claim form must be submitted to the insurer which found a policy.

How long does it take for a request to be completed?

It may take up to 90 business days to receive a response. Please note a requester will not receive a response if no matches are found, the requester is not the beneficiary, or the requester does not have legal authority to obtain information about the deceased.

Find more information and the locator itself on the DOI’s “Life Insurance Policy Locator” page

As part of Life Insurance Awareness Month, the NAIC is hosting a Twitter chat to correct misconceptions about life insurance on September 17, 2019, at 1 p.m. MT, for people to ask questions of experts. Use the hashtags #ProtectTomorrow and #NAICInsuranceChat to participate. 


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