Colorado's 2017 Sunrise and Sunset Reviews released


DENVER  - (Oct. 13, 2017) -  The Colorado Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform (COPRRR), part of the Office of the Executive Director at the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), today released the 2017 sunset and sunrise reports. The reports have been sent to the Colorado General Assembly and are now available online on

COPRRR analysts conduct a comprehensive review of state programs and then produce a report with legislative and administrative recommendations to the Colorado General Assembly. A sunset review examines existing regulatory programs to enhance consumer protection and streamline regulation based on a legislatively-prescribed schedule, while a sunrise review explores whether there is a need to regulate a currently unregulated profession or occupation at the request of any stakeholder.

This year, COPRRR conducted 22 sunset and sunrise reviews throughout Colorado state government including programs and boards within DORA and other state departments, such as Agriculture, Public Health and Environment, Corrections, Public Safety and Natural Resources.

Highlights include:

  • Continuing licensure:  Such professions as Community Association Managers, Physical Therapists, Nursing Home Administrators and Mortgage Loan Originators were up for sunset reviews, and reviews recommend continuing licensure for these professions.
  • Not recommended for licensure:  Sunrises reviewed for possible new regulation included Language Interpreters and Genetic Counselors. The reviews concluded that state regulation is not required for these professions in order to protect consumers. 
  • Continuing administrative programs:  The sunset review regarding the Civil Rights Division and Civil Rights Commission recommends they continue to process civil rights complaints and investigations and provide alternative dispute resolution services regarding Colorado law specific to housing, employment and public accommodations. A review of the Offender Reentry Grant Program, which provides grant funding to community-based organizations that offer employment placement services, educational and training services, mentoring, and case management to parolees, found that this program helps to protect the public. And a review of the Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rules program also concluded that it should continue. Anyone may request a cost-benefit analysis when a state agency proposes a new rule or proposes revising an existing one.
  • Recommended for sunset:  The Environmental Management System Permit Program was intended to streamline the regulatory burdens associated with maintaining multiple environmental permits. While it is a well-intentioned attempt at regulatory innovation, the review found the system is not working as intended.
  • Unique recommendations:  A review of custom meat processors recommends allowing licensed producers to sell poultry directly to retail establishments, such as restaurants and supermarkets. A review of a program that regulates weather modification operations, essentially cloud seeding, finds that controlling where and when weather modification occurs is necessary to protect the public.

The Colorado General Assembly created the sunset process in 1976 as a way to improve state regulation by streamlining existing programs, enhancing consumer protection and repealing unnecessary programs and functions of government. Since that time, Colorado’s sunset process has gained national recognition and is routinely highlighted as a best practice as states seek to create more efficient and effective regulation.

“This ongoing and regular review of state regulatory programs, functions and processes is what keeps Colorado so competitive and helps to strengthen our economic climate,” said DORA Executive Director Marguerite Salazar. “COPRRR’s website,, also makes it easy for any Colorado resident to get involved and have a voice in this process.”

“Sunrise and sunset reviews constantly seek to find the balance between effective consumer protection and too much regulation,” said COPRRR Director Brian Tobias at DORA. “Public input is vital to both processes. While we do our best to reach stakeholders throughout the state, we encourage the public to contact COPRRR to participate in one of our reviews.”

The complete sunset and sunrise reports are available online at

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