Mental / Behavioral Health and Insurance

Both federal and Colorado state law provide protections for consumers accessing mental and behavioral health services. The following information provides an overview for consumers and providers on mental health parity law.  Parity laws prohibit health plans from being more restrictive with mental health, behavioral health, and substance use disorder benefits than the medical and surgical benefits the plans offer. Colorado state law requires that health insurance companies cover services for mental and behavioral health conditions the same way they cover other medical conditions, like diabetes or heart disease. This is called “parity" and it's about equal and fair treatment for people who need mental and behavioral health care.

COVID-19, Telehealth and Mental / Behavioral Health - On April 3, 2020, the Division of Insurance adopted Emergency Regulation 20-E-05 - Concerning Coverage and Reimbursement for Telehealth Services During the COVID-19 Emergency. This regulation addresses many aspects of telehealth, and specifically calls out mental / behavioral health: "Telehealth services delivered by providers shall be reimbursed at rates not lower than in-person services delivered by providers and in compliance with state behavioral health parity laws." Please also see the Division's "FAQs on COVID-19 Telehealth Services" for more information. 


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