Learn About

Anti-Discrimination Law

The Civil Rights Division investigates claims involving discrimination based on a protected class in employment, housing and places of public accommodation.

Consumer Fraud

Protect yourself from Medicare and investment fraud.  Be a wise consumer!

Homeowners Association Information and Resource Center

HOAs are required to register annually with the Colorado Division of Real Estate.  You can attend a forum to learn about the Colorado HOA Information and Resource Center and provide input on HOAs.

Insurance Consumer Assistance and Information

Learn about the different types of insurance, check the status of your agent's license and find other valuable information.

Insurance Premium Comparison Reports

Compare auto or homeowners insurance rates in Colorado. 

Investor Education

Learn how to protect yourself from investment fraud and search licenses for both investment advisers and broker dealers.

Real Estate Consumer Resources

The Division of Real Estate provides resources to help consumers with real estate transactions and working with licensed professionals.

Small Business Guide to Insurance

There are many choices for business owners to consider when selecting insurance. A licensed insurance agent or broker may offer a package that covers many small business needs, or design a policy with coverage designed for the particular business. It is important for the business owner to know what the policy includes.

Stakeholder Engagement in Rulemaking

Interested parties have easy and early notification and opportunity to submit comments or questions for meaningful consideration and discussion on any proposed rules contemplated by a regulatory body.

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

The State Health Insurance Assistance Program, within the Colorado Division of Insurance, helps people eligible for or enrolled in Medicare with questions about health insurance. The program has counselors working through regional organizations around the state to provide: individual counseling and assistance; public education presentations about Medicare, related health insurance, and Medicare fraud; and distribution of printed materials about these health insurances.

Understanding Utility Rates

Learn about the Public Utilities Commission's role in rate setting and the charges on your bill.