The Office of Consumer Counsel represents residential, small business, and agricultural energy consumers as a class and is prohibited, by law, from representing individual customers. Individuals are permitted to request permission from the Public Utilities Commission to intervene in cases. If permission is granted, those individual interveners may participate in all aspects of the case, including the hearing before the PUC. Generally, in order for the PUC to grant intervener status to an individual, the individual must show an interest (typically, financial) in the outcome of the proceeding, or that the outcome will have an impact (again, typically financial) on the individual. In addition, the individual is usually required to show that other interveners will not adequately represent the interests of the individual.

An individual need not be an attorney to request permission to intervene (and to participate, if intervention is granted) in a case. However, an individual intervener who is not an attorney may not represent anyone other than him or herself. All interveners, including individual interveners, must follow the PUC's Rules of Practice and Procedure in requesting intervener status, and as participants (interveners) in the proceeding, if intervener status is granted. In addition, the PUC held a workshop to assist individual interveners (representing only themselves) - called pro se interveners - in navigating the processes required to participate in a PUC proceeding. Click on the following links, to find the rules, and slides from the workshop.  You can also find some helpful publications on the PUC Process FYI Publications regarding the intervention process.

PUC's Rules of Practice and Procedure

Slides from the PUC's Workshop for Pro Se Interveners


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