A Complaint Against a Licensed Business or Professional

Complaints can be filed under the specific business, profession or occupation. Note that regulatory boards cannot require any individual or business to refund money; provide civil types of remedies such as filing lawsuits for damages or provide legal advice.

Charge of Discrimination

Visit the Colorado Civil Rights Division to file a charge of discrimination in the areas of housing, employment and public accommodation. 

Comment or Document in a PUC Proceeding

If you would like the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to know how you feel about a particular proposal, issue or "hot topic" you may register your opinion by completing the linked form. However, if you have a service problem with a specific company that requires the PUC's assistance, you can request the PUC's help with a service problem by filling out the appropriate complaint form.

Comment on a Sunrise or Sunset Review

The Colorado Office of Policy, Research & Regulatory Reform is charged with determining, among other things, if an agency's statute and rules adequately protect the public without imposing undue burdens on the regulated community. Reviews also examine an agency's efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. The Office will make recommendations in these and other areas to the General Assembly. Understand how regulation impacts youYour comments and information can help us to identify problems and solutions related to agencies under review. 

Insurance Annual Statement Filings

Conduct a search with the Division of Insurance by the type of company filing or by document name.

Premium Tax

A tax is imposed on all insurers and health maintenance organizations that are licensed by the Division of Insurance.

PUC docket through E-filings

You must be a registered user to make any filing through the PUC's E-filings system. You can register as a new user or, if you are already registered, go to the returning users logon page. 

Report of Fraud

Surplus Lines Premium Taxes

Get forms and instructions for insurance brokers on filing Surplus Lines Premium Taxes with the Division of Insurance.