$ecure Colorado for Seniors

Welcome to $ecure Colorado, a program designed by the Colorado Division of Securities to help prevent financial fraud against senior citizens.

It's no secret that investment fraud, particularly as it exploits and damages the elderly, has become a huge problem in the United States.  Over 40 million investors are victimized each year, and many of those are age 65 and over – a population that is growing by 10,000 every day.  Billions of dollars are lost every year, and for those who are already retired, these losses are nearly impossible to recoup.  Even more problematic is the issue of reporting.  Financial fraud is one of the most under-reported crimes in the country, with an estimated 1 out of 40 cases actually making it to law enforcement or regulators.  

In response, the Colorado Division of Securities has developed the $ecure Colorado campaign. This program aims to increase awareness of financial fraud both in potential victims, as well as those who  may be equipped to spot victimization in others. Furthermore, the campaign seeks to encourage and increase reports of financial fraud among Colorado residents, particularly those most vulnerable to its devastating effects.

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