Boulder physician relinquishes license

DENVER (May 14, 2016) – May 13, 2016, Boulder physician Larry Eckstein relinquished his license to the Colorado Medical Board (Board) meaning he may not practice.

In the relinquishment document, the Board alleges that Dr. Eckstein engaged in “poly-pharmacy prescribing to multiple patients in combinations which either had no apparent medical justification or resulted in dangerous medication combinations.”  According to the Board, Dr. Eckstein prescribed benzodiazepines concurrently with opioids, a potentially lethal combination.  Dr. Eckstein is also accused of “prescribing drugs with high abuse potential in powder forms for use by patients outside of inpatient settings; and prescribed multiple medications to a patient on or about the same date that would be expected to result in the same or similar clinical effects on the patient.”  On August 18, 2015, Dr. Eckstein was indicted in Boulder County District Court for a felony count of distribution of schedule III or IV controlled substances.  Dr. Eckstein has not been allowed to practice medicine in the state since agreeing to an Interim Cessation of Practice in October 2015.  

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