DRAFT Regulations for Informal Public Comment

The following Division of Insurance regulations are currently under review as new, revised, or proposed for repeal, and the Division requests informal comments from the public.

The Division currently has no revised regulations upon which it is seeking informal public comment.

The Division is currently seeking informal public comments on the following draft NEW regulations:

2nd Draft Regulations related to HB 19-1174 - Concerning Out-of-Network Health Care Provider Reimbursement 

Find upcoming hearings on the page Notice of Rule Making Hearings. Expect to see notice of hearings on the draft regulations above within approximately 90 days of each request for informal comments.

Regulations (also called "rules") interpret, but do not exceed the scope of the more general statutes passed by the Colorado General Assembly (also called the Legislature).

View regulations currently in effect at the Division's Insurance Regulations page.

Contact Information
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