Division of Conservation: Renew Holder Certification

The 2020 fee schedule was set on December 26, 2019 and the due date for certification renewal is January 31, 2020. All holders presently certified for 2019 will retain their certification until the 2020 CE Holder Renewal Application, Project List, and applicable fee have been received and approved by the Division, or until February 1, 2020, whichever is sooner. The 2020 CE Holder Renewal Application and Project List template are available via the links below. 

2020 CE Holder Certification Renewal Application Form

Please complete the form. Be sure to click the "submit" button at the end of the form, even if the form is incomplete. You may return after clicking "submit" to continue to answer questions and/or upload additional documentation. 

2020 Certification Project List

The project list includes minor edits for clarification, but follows the same format as last year's. Please note that you may use last year's list and simply add a new line(s) for any conservation easement(s) acquired in the past year, and update the list to indicate that monitoring has been completed. Completed project lists may be uploaded as part of the renewal application or be submitted separately to aaron.welch@state.co.us.


As noted above, the fees for 2020 were set on Decmeber 26, 2019. The applicable fee is dependent upon: (1) whether your organization is nationally accredited, and (2) your desired level of certification. Please see the rules and the fee schedule for details. 

Please make payment via check payable to the Division of Conservation. Currently, online electronic payments are not accepted. No cash is accepted. Mail checks to:

Division of Conservation
ATTN: Aaron Welch
1560 Broadway, Suite 1550
Denver, CO 80202 


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